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A breakthrough algorithm that accurately analyzes sentiment unsentimentally

Tourism Alchemy's™ unique sentiment analysis tool is the missing piece of the information puzzle,
integrating with your other data sources to create powerful predictive analytics and leading indicators.

Tourism Alchemy™ Uses Satya Analytics Next Gen Emotionality Index℠

Our Emotionality Index℠ was designed to take advantage of Satya Analytics’ powerful emotional sentiment analysis technology and reveal actionable insights that organizations and their marketing agencies can use to improve their ROI. We gather data from a wider range of curated sources and have samples today representing over 1 billion data points from over 8 million anonymized individuals. This gives us the ability to build a complete picture that is far more useful and trustworthy than a survey group of several hundred people.

Where traditional market segments divide customers into a few groups (cohorts, clusters, etc.) using location, demographics, customer behavior, and psychographics; micro segmentation extends the concept to a greater level of specificity. Using Satya Analytics Emotionality Index℠ we can identify hundreds of micro segments based on a richer set of criteria such as life stage, detailed leisure interests, beliefs and opinions that collectively, if messaged correctly, impact a purchase decision.

Customers can be members of multiple micro segments that change dynamically in response to shifting attitudes, environmental pressures, economic cycles, and major game-changers such as COVID-19. With the ability to accurately link sentiment and emotion to detailed topics, Satya’s NextGen Emotionality Index℠ can identify untapped micro segments with combinations of specific leisure interests, beliefs, opinions, and personality traits.

Why Tourism Alchemy™

Tourism Alchemy™ seeks the truth. The unfiltered truth. Unfiltered sentiment provides a finer level of detail and provides a greater level of accuracy. Tourism Alchemy™ shows why people take the actions they take when considering travel and the destinations they travel to and what they want to do when they get there. We take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.

Getting to the “Why?”

A recent Deloitte study found that 71% of ‘Big Data’ was less than 50% accurate. Starbucks and American Airlines made disastrous changes to loyalty programs because they didn’t understand the ‘why’ behind their customers’ behavior. Tourism Alchemy’s™ unique, proprietary algorithms accurately extract human sentiment about an issue, person, or idea from vast amounts of unstructured and ambiguous data.


We are single minded in our focus. No distractions. We are not an advertising or a media agency. Our success is based on how we approach our work. Tourism Alchemy™ provides sentiment and data analysis for the travel and tourism industry. Our sentiment analysis uncovers the important emotional dimensions behind attitudes and opinions that techniques such as surveys can miss.

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Featured Reports

Tourism Alchemy™ Destination Case Study March 1, 2021

This case study provides insights for tourism professionals to use targeting potential visitors to their destination. Our approach isolates sentiment, emotion, and psychographic information for possible visitors to the destination toward any topic in the Tourism Alchemy database comprising over 600 million data points from over 4 million individuals.

Tourism Alchemy™ in the News

February 18, 2021 - Tourism Alchemy™ Releases Destination Use Case
Demonstrating the Value of the Emotionality Index℠
NextGen Methodology Transforms Emotional Data Into Actionable Initiatives.

Tourism Alchemy (a division of Satya Analytics’ Alchemy group) has released its first use case using it’s highly anticipated Emotionality Indexsm℠. The Emotionality Indexsm℠ uses definable cohorts to track group behaviors at the micro segment level, making it an easier and more reliable study of the “Why” to travelers’ reasons and desires for travel. This study’s results are actionable making decisions around marketing budgets more effective. And after a year of uncertainty, Tourism Alchemy’s Emotionality Indexsm℠ brings unbiased insights you can trust.

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