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The Global COVID Pandemic accelerated shifts in all aspects of travel and tourism including planning, booking, and in-destination experiences. Tourism Alchemy provides the most powerful tools that analyze traveler behavior to keep up with a rapidly changing industry and differentiate your offering in a crowded market.

Using proprietary and groundbreaking algorithms with billions of data points from millions of travelers, Tourism Alchemy gets to the “Why”, revealing key motivators that drive decisions about selecting destinations, lodging, and travel experiences. We complete the data puzzle by providing insights to optimize messaging, monitor trends, define survey questions more effectively, and drill down into the emotions and psychographics behind the responses.

Tourism Alchemy achieves this by creating destination profiles that identify your strengths and visitor complementary or crossover interests, uncovering underutilized tourism assets. We then take these profiles and add our Dynamic Traveler Personas℠ using current real-world data to segment your market based on interests, sentiment, behaviors, and communication style. This helps you design compelling travel experiences, create highly engaging content, and, for the first time, target your ad dollars precisely, pinpointing custom audiences such as last-minute bookers, adventure seekers, or return visitors.

Social Media posts aligned with Tourism Alchemy’s Dynamic Traveler Personas℠ generate up to 20x higher engagement rates than content that doesn’t resonate with customers.

Tourism Alchemy™ is different - Getting to the “Why?”

Tourism Alchemy’s analysis of emotional and psychological dimensions delivers new levels of customer understanding:

  • We analyze billions of data points from millions of anonymized individuals found on a wider range of social media, blogs, forums, and specialized sites.
  • Unlike legacy online sentiment analysis, our proprietary algorithms are context aware, accurately linking sentiment and emotion to thousands detailed topics instead of creating a meaningless data soup.
  • Our trend analysis tracks individual people changing opinions rather than unreliable aggregated sentiment.
  • The Emotionality Index℠ exposes multiple emotional dimensions, social dynamics, attitudes to risk and change, decision making, and communication preferences.
  • Dynamic Traveler Personas℠ create current real-world pictures of traveler preferences and behaviors.
Products and Services

Tourism Alchemy integrates with and enhances your existing marketing information investments to increase ROI:

  • Marketing strategy support including destination profiling, custom Dynamic Traveler Personas, industry trend analysis, and identifying untapped markets.
  • Social Media and Web content optimization and audience targeting using the Emotionality Index℠.
  • Enhanced Comp Set Analysis.
  • Traveler Experience design.
  • Survey scoping and results analysis.
  • Brand and product monitoring.
  • Operational data integration and analysis including leading indicator development.
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Featured Reports

Tourism Alchemy™ Destination Case Study

This case study provides insights for tourism professionals to use targeting potential visitors to their destination. Our approach isolates sentiment, emotion, and psychographic information for possible visitors to the destination toward any topic in the Tourism Alchemy database comprising over 6 billion data points from around 8 million individuals.

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Tourism Alchemy™ in the News

November 29, 2021 - Tourism Alchemy™ Launches Dynamic Personas℠ for Improved Market Effectiveness
The key to increased engagement, conversion and higher ROI.

Tourism Alchemy has announced their new offering of Dynamic Personas℠. Based on the use of persona clusters common in marketing research, Dynamic Personas℠ take the concept of personas to a deeper and increasingly more valuable level.

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